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This archive is a sampling of my 100+ publications. Limited help assisting people with queries on my codes and papers is available only by electronic mail correspondence. Sorry, but given that this site has 1000's hits/day, I cannot mail out hardcopies of code or papers.

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See utils_file_formats.txt for some links to information on gzip, PostScript, PDF, tar, and shar utilities. See utils_code.html for additional references to files and instructions for retrieval of utilities for DOS, MAC, UNIX, and VMS systems, e.g., ghostscript, gzip, pgp (containing my PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK), unshar, uudecode, unix2dos, zip, etc. Note that gzip will expand .gz, .Z, and .zip files (not .zip archives).

private/ is a "blind" directory which cannot be viewed using `ls` or `dir`, although files can be downloaded via WWW if you know their names.

This directory belongs to my spouse and her business Creek House Patisserie.

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